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PostSubject: Gallery    Gallery  EmptyTue Aug 21, 2012 7:30 am

You may or you may not know that we also have a picture gallery, which is actually a very nice feature of this forum, that others don't always have. You can access the Gallery from the menu under the banner, it should be the second from the left.

Click on it
You will see the albums, choose one (most pictures will go into Declan Galbraith photos)
Then you can choose a picture and select a rating 1 to 5 (where it says Please Rate It) and click Send
If you scroll down you will also see a little window, and there you can write your comment, then click Send

There you go Wink

You can also see BBCode of the Thumbnail and BBCode of the Picture with a Copy button next to them. If you click on Copy and then paste on a post you will be able to link that image.

Let us know if you need further explanation and have fun commenting and rating Wink

~ Pietro ~
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