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 List of DUTIES for Administrators/Moderators and Buddy Helpers

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Admin & Forum Guide
Admin & Forum Guide

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List of DUTIES for Administrators/Moderators and Buddy Helpers Empty
PostSubject: List of DUTIES for Administrators/Moderators and Buddy Helpers   List of DUTIES for Administrators/Moderators and Buddy Helpers EmptySat Aug 11, 2012 9:59 pm

The duties of Administrators, Moderators and Buddy Helpers is as follows:

ADMINISTRATORS: 1. Manage the technical details required for running the site.
2. Promote and demote members to/from Moderators/Buddy Helpers
3. Manage the rules
4. Create sections and sub-sections
5. Perform any database operations
6. Make forum wide announcements
7. Change the appearance of the forum

MODERATORS: 1. Moderate discussion
2. Keep forum clean
3. Answer members' concerns about the forum, general questions as well as respond to certain complaints
4. Deleting, merging, moving and splitting of posts and threads as well as locking, renaming, stickying of threads, banning,
suspending, unsuspending, unbanning, warning the members as well as adding, editing or removing the polls of threads.
Note: Essentially, it is the duty of the Moderator to manage the day to day affairs of the forum as it applies to the stream of user contributions and interactions.

BUDDY HELPERS: 1. Help keep the forum clean
2. Greet new members and remind them to read the rules section
3. Help members with any questions they may have concerning the forum. If the answer is not known, contact an
Administrator or Moderator to get the correct information before answering the members question
4. Let a Moderator or Administrator know of any issue that requires their attention immediately

Although these are the general tasks of the above named....until we all become more acquainted with the forum and its members, everything must go through an Administrator. We may add or take away from the list of duties for the above named depending on what we see in the first month or so on the forum.
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List of DUTIES for Administrators/Moderators and Buddy Helpers
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