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There may be new rules added depending on situations that may arise. If you have any questions about any of the rules, please contact one of the administrators. We will be glad to help you understand something or tell you the reason why that particular rule was made. Thank you......Smile

1) Keep discussions PG-13. This means keeping all posts family friendly. By keeping this site family friendly, it will be a place where younger members as well as older members can come and learn about Declan. There is a section for more mature content: Strange World.

2) No personal attacks. Disagreements often get heated. If you cannot engage in a discussion without personally attacking another member, it might be best to remove yourself from that discussion. Please contact an admin if you have an issue with another member. Public arguments will be deleted and depending on the gravity members might receive a temporary or permanent ban.
NOTE: This applies to direct and indirect attacks against forum members.

3) No offensive content. Material that is sexually or otherwise obscene, racist, or otherwise overly discriminating is not permitted. This includes user pictures. Use common sense. In addition to the above, SPAM is not allowed.

4) No links to fake profiles of Declan or any family member on social networks, no rumors and no false news about Declan. When in doubt ask an admin or moderator BEFORE posting.

5) Please respect Declan and his family's privacy. If you find a page that you think might belong to Declan or one of his family members, please refrain from trying to contact him/them. Please refrain from trying to contact any friends on their lists. This is an invasion of privacy. Declan and his family and friends deserve their privacy just as you do yours. We don't allow topics about Declan's private life and negative posts about Declan will not be accepted, for obvious reasons. We are here to support Declan, not criticize him.

6) Disrespect to any forum member or any member of the administration will not be tolerated. If any disrespect is shown to any of the above, you will be deleted from the forum.

7) Administrators have the right to remove any member who's violating the rules. That includes immediate removal of new users who don't respect the following:
1. No personal information
2. No one under the age of 13 is allowed to participate here
3. First name basis only, no last names and no personal addresses allowed

Cool Only Administrators will be allowed to add pictures to the gallery. Please contact an admin or moderator if you wish to include a picture in the Gallery.

9) Please post in English. We have many members from all around the world but English is the universal language on the forum. We would all like to enjoy what is being posted so if you want to have a conversation in your own language, please message each other.

10) As administrators, we need to be able to see all posts from all members. If you block one of the administrators for any reason, that administrator can't do her job here properly because he/she can't see your posts. For that reason, if you block an administrator, you will be deleted from the member group.

11) This forum is made up of diverse people from across the world. While we respect all members and their beliefs, administration feels that due to the general strong nature of people's beliefs in both religion and politics, we disallow discussions or posts of both to prevent any argument for or against any beliefs.

12) Please write your posts on the appropriate section. Any topic which is not about Declan goes into RUN AWAY, the off topic forum. Read the descriptions and our FAQ for more information.

13) Only one account per person. If you have issues with your account contact the administration team and we will help you.

14) Respect Declan's copyright. No download of his music from Soundcloud, no videos with his new songs, and so on.

15) Any behavior that may hurt Declan, his family, or the members will be considered punishable with a permanent ban. A permanent ban will affect your e-mail address and IP address, so you will not be able to register anymore.

Violation of these rules will result in a warning. If the warning is not heeded, you will be deleted from the forum members.

Thank you
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