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 Friends and foes

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Friends and foes Empty
PostSubject: Friends and foes   Friends and foes EmptyMon Aug 13, 2012 6:33 am

Friends and Foes allows you to handle contact better.

To add a Friend, go to your Profile, select Friends and foes
You can send a request to a user, or accept/reject pending requests (click on + to accept and - to refuse)

You will find usernames in Memberlist

If you refuse a friend request, nothing will happen. Adding a user to your foes however will prevent you from seeing their posts and receive their messages. We don't encourage the use of the Foes function, but sometimes it's just easier for some members who don't get along.

We reserve the right to remove this function in case it is misused, or having a negative impact on the forum.
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Friends and foes
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