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PostSubject: 【新闻】转自Declan吧--=Dec透露新EP风格!!!   Fri Apr 19, 2013 11:58 pm

翻译(BY Joshua)
Hi everyone,
Just thought I'd give you a little update.
We've been working hard on getting the t-shirts up for sale and I'm pleased that we have them available now. Both autographed and non autographed for those of you that haven't checked them out yet.
我们之前在为T-shirt销售而努力,现在我很高兴Shirts已经可以上架销售了。 既有签名的也有不签名的。。没看到的亲们去看看吧

I'm also working hard on preparing and arranging things for the EP. At the moment I'm thinking it would be really nice to record it live with the other musicians, meaning that we don't record everything in complete isolation bringing it together bit by bit but instead record it all as a performance with everyone playing together at the same time. I'm also very interested in making it quite a stripped back and acoustic record. Guitar, cello, violin and some percussion maybe. I know when the time comes I'll probably be very tempted to start building it from there adding keyboards and piano and maybe bass but I'll try and restrain myself because I think it could be great so stripped back and pure.

同时,我也在为新EP而努力准备。目前,我想如果能和其他音乐人一起现场录音,是再好不过的了。 意思是我们并不是一部分一部分的录,最后再把所有部分合到一起。而是所有人都在一起演唱。 我同时也很像把新EP打造成一个精简的,不插电的版本。 用吉他,大提琴,小提琴或者其他打击乐器等比较古典的种类。我知道,当开始录制的时候,我可能又会忍不住去加入键盘,钢琴或者其他低音乐器。但是我会努力约束我自己,因为我觉得还是简单纯净比较好
I hope all is good for you all,
Best regards,

★ I won't tell you my name is Joshua★ Cool
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Voice in the Crowd
Voice in the Crowd

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PostSubject: Re: 【新闻】转自Declan吧--=Dec透露新EP风格!!!   Thu Apr 25, 2013 5:24 pm

Very Happy 顶一个。
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Voice in the Crowd
Voice in the Crowd

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PostSubject: Re: 【新闻】转自Declan吧--=Dec透露新EP风格!!!   Fri Apr 26, 2013 10:42 pm

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Voice in the Crowd
Voice in the Crowd

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PostSubject: Re: 【新闻】转自Declan吧--=Dec透露新EP风格!!!   Thu May 09, 2013 6:23 pm

还多久呢 还多久呢
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PostSubject: Re: 【新闻】转自Declan吧--=Dec透露新EP风格!!!   

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