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 NEWSLETTER December 24 2012

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PostSubject: NEWSLETTER December 24 2012   NEWSLETTER December 24 2012 EmptyMon Nov 18, 2013 10:32 pm

dear members of Simply Declan Galbraith!
We wish you happy holidays and hope you have a great time! 
Activity on the forum might slow down, but visit us when you can, let us know how you're doing.

For those of you who don't know we managed to reach Declan's team to let Declan know about our special present for his birthday. He replied on his Facebook page with this message:

I've been informed that £275 was raised by fans in celebration of my birthday for the charity, World Vision UK. Firstly, thanks very much! A really kind idea for a great cause. For those that don't know, the charity have a nice concept whereby you can donate gifts from a catalogue to those in need. I will make sure to let you all know what I choose from the catalogue and if there's anything in particular you'd really like to de donated, just comment below. Thanks again and happy holidays to all!!!

Isn't that great? Smile If you want to join you can, just click on the image, or read this post: (the page will be closed in a few days!)
Once again, we hope you will keep on enjoying Declan's music, thank you all for your support for him and happy holidays!!

Your Admins from
Simply Declan Galbraith 
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NEWSLETTER December 24 2012
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