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 NEWSLETTER January 11 2013

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NEWSLETTER January 11 2013 Empty
PostSubject: NEWSLETTER January 11 2013   NEWSLETTER January 11 2013 EmptyMon Nov 18, 2013 10:32 pm

Our dear member Siro reminded me that not all of us have access to Facebook, so I'd like to inform all our members at Simply Declan Galbraith that Declan received and appreciated our present for his birthday. He chose what to do with the donations, here is his message:

"Hello all. Just an update on the birthday charity fundraiser. I've decided that £335 of the total £342.62 should be spent on fixing a village's water source which will bring clean, drinkable water a safe distance from home for people living in Senegal. It was hard to choose with so many gift donations possible but I think this is a very good one to go for. The remaining money will be spent on a mosquito net costing £7 with the final 62p going in to a general funds pot. Thank you again to all involved and happy new year to everyone!" 

On his e-mail to World Vision he said: "I understand that £342.62 was raised in my name. This is fantastic and I'm pleased the money will be going to such a worthy cause! " 

Monica from World Vision also added in her reply to him: "giving thanks for your generous and caring fans"

I hope you are all happy and proud, we certainly are Smile
Happy new year everyone, and let's hope it's a great one for Declan and his fans!

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NEWSLETTER January 11 2013
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