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 NEWSLETTER November 13 2013

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PostSubject: NEWSLETTER November 13 2013   NEWSLETTER November 13 2013 EmptyMon Nov 18, 2013 10:41 pm

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Dear all,

last year our donation present for Declan was a great success. We were able to raise £372.70 which were used to fix a village water source, as chosen by Declan himself who was very happy of the initiative! You can read his message on Facebook HERE:

So, for all the ones who joined last year, let's do it again! And for all the others, this is your chance to participate! It's for a noble cause, and it's the best present Declan could wish for (I know, such a golden heart..)

This year we are aiming for the most expensive charity gift there is: a roof for a clinic. We might not get there, but we can try. What matters is to donate something, anything you can. Let's try to beat last year record, I know we can do it!

Here is how it works.
1) Register here: (you can also use your FB account)
2) Simply go to this page:
3) Click on DONATE: on next page choose how much you want to give (you can choose any amount in Other Amount) You can leave your name and a message if you want (we will collect them and send them to Declan)
You can insert your credit card or use PayPal (choose Use another payment method and then PayPal)
4) Just follow the instructions and you are done!

If you cannot use Paypal or a credit card let me know and we will try to find other ways (for those of you who trust me you can wire transfer the money to my banking account and I will make the donation for you under your name).

Finally, please help us by spreading the word!
Here are our official logo and banner for this donation campaign, use them wherever you want (just don't alter them please)

Thank you very much to all of you who will be generous,
let's make Declan proud of his fans!!!

Pietro & The Admins at 

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NEWSLETTER November 13 2013
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